We met Kirsty at the “Ladies Day” @gib.hunter.centralcoast event and our presentation on ‘Instagram for Small Business’ inspired her to reach out. 

But…what do you do?

We spent some time meeting the animals, doing content creation and getting a handle on the business. 

We helped Kirsty put into words exactly what Grace Equine Therapy does:

Equine Assisted Learning sessions use horse focused experiential activities to encourage personal development.

We use only ground based activities to encourage connection with the horses and bring about metaphorical learning.

Sessions are client lead, with participants supported in a non-judgemental environment.

Through these interactions participants have the opportunity to develop: confidence, self-esteem, trust, communication skills, self-discovery, & in many cases healing.

Horses value authentic connections and are very perceptive. Which means they genuinely demand – honesty, self-awareness and positive connections.

Sounds cool right? 

We also had fun re designing the brand logo. Kirsty has purchased hers online, but such a unique and inspiring business needs a unique logo!

Our next branding tactic was to do a 2 week take over on Social Media.

At our handover meeting at the conclusion of the 2 weeks, Kirsty said, with a huge smile “I seriously can’t that you enough! What you do is amazing. I have so many enquiries and so much business coming my way….almost too much…..juggling work and my kids is becoming an issue!” 

Thank you Kirsty for trusting us to bring the creative flair and clarity to your business and brand! Xx